About David P Rollings:

I was born in Luton in 1949. I had a lot of illness as  a child and did not pass or even take any exams at the end of secondary school instead I went straight into the workplace. I worked in a menswear shop for 9 years. After this I became involved in the work of L’Abri Fellowship. By this time I had become an avid reader had an interest in Theology,Philosophy and Politics. During my time at L’Abri I met Judy Baumgart and we were married on the 17th March 1979, God has blessed with a loving wife. We have one son Timothy.

In 1980 I  applied to go to London Bible College(now known as London School of Theology) as a mature student. I gained my BA in 1983.

I then pastored a church for nearly six years, after I left the pastorate I preached in a number of Churches. In 1993 I got involved in the work of Shoreham Baptist Church where I became an Ellder in 1994. I still am an elder of this church.

In 1994 I began studying for my MA in aspects of Christian Holiness at Nazarene Theological College Manchester, this was a distance learning course and I gained my Masters degree in 1999

My main interests are in Systematic Theology and Historical Theology, I also enjoy expounding the Word of God.

I am available to preach and teach and can be contacted by email at the following address rollingsdavid@talktalk.net

About the Blog

This Blog will be used by myself to express some of my theological insights and concerns.

The title of the blog Pneuma and Logos is intended to show that this blog is written with a conscious intention that both the Word of God and the needed experiential reality of the Holy Spirits work must be held together in a healthy christian theology and Worldview

The Theology found here is both reformed and Charismatic, some of the issues of bringing these two emphases in theology together will be examined from time to time

David P Rollings BA(Theol) MA(Theol)

Shoreham-by-Sea, Sussex.UK

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  1. Aditia says:

    Wow I must confess you make some very trenchant pintos.

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