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Eyes of Honor by Jonathan Welton : A book review

Eyes of Honor is a book that tackles the whole problem of sexual temptation and lust in a positive manner, this is no easy 12 steps to recovery but rather a radical biblical response to a problem that many men … Continue reading

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God’s Sovereign Choice of Some to Salvation

References to god’s sovereign choice of some to salvation can be found throughout the Bible. This short article cannot hope to do  justice to the fullness of the scriptural truth on this subject but rather will look at some key … Continue reading

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The Eternal God, The Wonderful Saviour and The Priestly People: Revelation Chapter 1.

The book of Revelation is one that puzzles many of us but this first chapter is full of truth that we need to heed. The book of Revelation is an epistle to God’s Church which contains much mysterious symbolism but … Continue reading

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Love,Politics and Morality

As we see the erosion of moral standards in our society it is very tempting to denounce the evil and the evildoers,this achieves very little. There is a lot of denunciation of people for various things and the end result … Continue reading

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King of the Church to you we pray

Lord Jesus we acknowledge that you are king of kings and Lord of lords, the church is yours not our own. Come Lord Jesus be exalted in this day, pour out your Spirit on us today, then we shall do … Continue reading

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Jesus Loves His church

In these dark and confusing days it is easy to get depressed but the Lord is calling us to realise in a fresh way that he loves his church with an everlasting love. He speaks of this love so clearly throughout the … Continue reading

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A Call to return to the Lord

Great Britain is turning away from the word and ways of God at an ever increasing pace. as a direct result of this we have seen economic problems, our banking system is corrupt and this is displeasing to the Lord.Since … Continue reading

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The Compassion of Jesus- The Motivation for Mission and Ministry

I have been thinking a lot about the passage in Matthew 9 which describes Jesus ministry, 35 Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and … Continue reading

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The Powerful God Who Binds Up My Wounds: Psalm 147

Regular readers of this blog will realize that I love the Psalms because they express so many different aspects of our faith in God. Psalm 147 is a Psalm full of praise to god for  his greatness and his loving care. The … Continue reading

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Jesus: Preached the Word, Proclaimed the Kingdom and Healed the Sick

Matthew’s description of the ministry of the Lord Jesus is very interesting one and one that we need to listen very carefully to. Matthew repeats this description twice in his gospel, this should alert us to the fact that Matthew … Continue reading

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