Eyes of Honor by Jonathan Welton : A book review

Eyes of Honor is a book that tackles the whole problem of sexual temptation and lust in a positive manner, this is no easy 12 steps to recovery but rather a radical biblical response to a problem that many men face. At the end of each chapter there is a section titled “tool” to get the full benefit from this book and to apply to your own life,please don’t skip this because it will really help you.

The author starts out by sharing his own story and this is very illuminating as it assures the reader that the author has tried all the formulas on offer and found them wanting. Many men will be able to identify with the struggles that Jonathan Welton recounts. He demonstrates the weakness of many of the formulas given within the church, the greatest problem he and a multitude of men face is being categorised as a sex addict. the problem with this is that it tends to make men perceive themselves as beyond help doomed to struggle. the y see themselves as addicts and this distorts their sense of identity.

Section one of the book deals with a Christian man’s identity in Christ, the author here shows that rather than being victims Christians have a new vision of themselves in Christ. The chapters in this section are powerful tools for regaining the vision of who we are in Christ, the chapter heading say it all, “You are Powerful” You are Valuable” You are not your actions” “You are crucified in Christ” and y”You are a new creation”. These chapters spell out the riches we have in Christ, the emphasis is on what the Bible teaches and there are some good passages which apply the scriptures to the subject of our identity in Christ. In chapter 5 we also have a very helpful refutation of the gnostic teaching that has affected much christian teaching on sanctification. This section deals with this problem in a profound but simple way.  in chapter 6 we are reminded that we are a new creation in Christ, this positive teaching is a great aid to those struggling with temptation because it focuses one attention on what Christ has made us instead of centering on the problem.

Section two of the book is titled “Who is the Enemy?” in this section we are shown that the devil is a defeated foe, we don’t have to fear him but we do need to be aware of his tactics so that we can live in victory. The chapter on the law examines the true function of the law and helps one to see the pattern of biblical teaching. this is followed by an excellent  chapter on temptation and the way God has provided a way of escape. The chapter on shame, this chapter helps us to see that in Christ we are forgiven and that there is no longer any need to feel shame, there is a very helpful section that shows the difference between God’s convicting us of sin,righteousness and judgement and shame that comes from our feelings about ourselves. Conviction leads to repentance and receiving God’s forgiveness which has already been paid for on the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Section three is titled “Who is she?” here we are confronted with the biblical teaching about who women are and how we are to perceive them, the chapter heading are “She is your sister” “She is worth protecting” and “She needs love”, the teaching here shows how we need to treat all women with dignity, some of the examples given in this chapter show how God can work in the lives of women caught up in the sex industry when men treat them with love,compassion and honor.

This book is strongly recommended to all men, the author’s teaching on our  identity in christ needs to be read by more than people with this particular struggle. This teaching is a major tool for the renewal of our minds and behaviour. My prayer is that many men will be encouraged and blessed in reading this book and that a result many women may feel cherished, honored and loved.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this E-Book free from the publisher through Destiny Image Book Review Program. <http://www.destinyimage.com> Book Review Program. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 

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