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From Purity to Power Part 4

                           REUBEN A. TORREY              Reuben A. Torrey was an influential Bible teacher and evangelist who was influenced by  D.L.Moody and, through him by Finney[i].   With Torrey and his little book, The Baptism with the Holy Spirit[ii],,we come to a … Continue reading

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From Purity to Power Part 3

                                               PHOEBE PALMER    It has been said that “One cannot understand the Holiness Movement today without a knowledge of Phoebe Palmer and the Tuesday Meetings.”[i]    This statement shows the tremendous influence that Mrs Palmer had.   Her ministry touched the … Continue reading

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From Purity to Power Part 2 (my masters dissertation)

                                                CHARLES FINNEY In approaching Charles Finney we need to briefly look at the transition years between him and the earlier writings of Wesley and Fletcher.   Timothy Smith implies that Methodism adopted the Pentecostal terminology direct from Finney but this … Continue reading

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