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The Trinitarian Theology of Stanley J Grenz by Jason S Sexton: A short boook review

This book is a must read for anyone who is interested in the theological writings of Stanley Grenz, here we find a clear scholarly analysis of Grenz theological position. I hope particularly that those who have been critical of Grenz … Continue reading

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A Change of Heart by Thomas C Oden.

I am reading this book at present it is written in a most engaging style and takes you right into the life not only of Oden but also of the theological debates of the past 60 years. But the book … Continue reading

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God and the Emotional Self: some thoughts

Recently a young friend of mine has been asked to write 600 words on the impassibility debates as part of a larger essay this has made me think again about this whole area. I just wanted to share some of … Continue reading

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