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The Love of Jesus Shown Through Healing and Forgiveness

The love of Jesus is shown to us in many ways in the Gospels but perhaps it is seen most often in the way Jesus brought healing and forgiveness to the needy.  We see in many ways that Jesus was … Continue reading

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Pursuing God’s Purpose In The Face Of Opposition.

The Book of Ezra shows us how God restores his people and helps them to follow his ways even in the midst of opposition. At the outset, we should notice that the people had returned to the promised land as … Continue reading

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Judgement, Grace and the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

In Isaiah 44 we encounter a passage which is full of assurance of the love, sovereignty, and justice of God. The prophet has demonstrated that Israel has been justly judged by God and their time of exile is a result … Continue reading

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King David Encounters The Awesome Presence of God

King David was a man who sought the Lord and wanted to know his presence of God in his and the nation’s life, because of this he wanted the Ark of the Covenant to be in Jerusalem.In his zeal to … Continue reading

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Doing things God’s way

When David became King of Israel the author purposely contrasts David’s listening to the Lord with Saul’s disobedience. Saul was defeated because of his disobedience, he had not listened to the Lord. David, on the other hand, is portrayed as … Continue reading

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The Call of Moses and the Character of God

The account of Moses being called by God to leadership is one that reveals much about the character of God. It is the account that reveals something of the majesty of God and yet shows his faithfulness to his covenant … Continue reading

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The God of Love Who Sometimes Speaks through Dreams

In Genesis chapters 40 and 41, we find God speaking to unbelieving people about  what will happen and he uses the strange medium of dreams. Joseph is used to bring the interpretation but the emphasis is on God speaking, this … Continue reading

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The Weapons of our Warfare

When the subject of spiritual warfare is mentioned we often find two extremes, some see demons under every bed and others play down the notion of spiritual warfare. We have seen both extremes in our day in the pentecostal/charismatic movement … Continue reading

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The Greatness, Humility And Glory of God Our Saviour

Too often when we isolate one aspect of who God is we  miss the riches of his self-revelation, I realise that in this post I will do this because when one considers the greatness of God that is inevitable. The … Continue reading

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How Should We Vote?

In te United Kingdom we are facing one of the most closely contested elections in our history, the opinion polls are all united in one fact no one and that is no one can predict the outcome. With the arrival … Continue reading

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