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The God of Love Who Sometimes Speaks through Dreams

In Genesis chapters 40 and 41, we find God speaking to unbelieving people about  what will happen and he uses the strange medium of dreams. Joseph is used to bring the interpretation but the emphasis is on God speaking, this … Continue reading

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Is Reformed Theology A Grand Vision Or Just A Tulip?

We very often hear discussions of the Five Points of Calvinism as though they amounted to the totality of Reformed thinking, John Calvin himself would have been horrified that his theology had been reduced to just five points. Of course, … Continue reading

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My Theological Journey: From Hyper-Calvinist to Reformed Charismatic.

In the autumn of 1969 I became a Christian, I was raised in a Christian home and attended the Gospel Standard Strict Baptist Chapel. At the time I became a Christian I had been involved in left wing politics for … Continue reading

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