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Should A Christian Be Patriotic?

The rise of nationalism throughout the world makes this an important question to ask. Many people assume that patriotism is being loyal to one’s own country whatever happens. Sometimes we are expected to sing patriotic songs which glorify our nation, … Continue reading

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One Name,One Number by Richard Brunton: A book review

This is not an unbiased review as I have known the author since the beginning of Living Hope Ministries. Also, as mentioned in the book, the church I serve as an elder is twinned with a church in Bosnia. This … Continue reading

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Visions of the Coming days by R.Loren Sandford:A book review

This is an important and timely book, which I hope many will read and take to heart the rich teaching contained in it. This is a book with a prophetic edge to it and the¬†author¬†does not claim infallibility but in … Continue reading

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The Desert Experience: A Cry from the Heart

Lord some people talk about wilderness experiences but at least something grows in a wilderness. But the desert is just full of sand,everything is dry, my soul feels parched and yet all there is to walk through is more dry … Continue reading

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