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The Importance of Holy Communion.

the Lord’s Supper very often we have a low view of the significance of Holy Communion in evangelical circles, we have tended to reduce it to a memorial meal which does not feature strongly in our worship. Many Christians come … Continue reading

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Repentance: A Missing Dimension in Modern Christianity

The subject of repentance is one of vital importance for our presentation of the gospel, I believe that some of the shallowness in modern Christianity can be linked to a failure to call people to repentance. When we read the … Continue reading

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Faithfulness,Love and Anointing: some reflections from the Diamond Jubillee

Listening to the BBC introduce the National Service of Thanksgiving for the 60 year reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, caused me to reflect on some aspect of our Christian life. As the reporters spoke they mentioned the Queens … Continue reading

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The Importance of Reformation Part 2: five Important principles

At the time of the great Reformation as the Reformers tried to bring back the Church to biblical teaching, five important principles grounded all their thinking. These principles are often nicknamed the five Solas because each one points to a … Continue reading

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