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Who incited David to count the fighting men, God or Satan?

We sometimes come upon passages of Scripture that seemingly conflict with one another, the parallel accounts in”Samuel 24 and 1 Chronicles 21 are one of the most difficult to deal with as they seem to blatantly contradict one another. Yet … Continue reading

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Is this really the way of the Master?

I have watched two videos from the Way of the Master website, the first is entitled “Hell’s best kept secret”, the second is entitled “God’s wonderful plan”. Both of these videos claim to be showing the biblical way to evangelism … Continue reading

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Repentance: A Missing Dimension in Modern Christianity

The subject of repentance is one of vital importance for our presentation of the gospel, I believe that some of the shallowness in modern Christianity can be linked to a failure to call people to repentance. When we read the … Continue reading

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